The villagers love and support you.

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The villagers love and support you.

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I'm also in recovery for an eating disorder and we've got this! We will conquer it and feel at peace with Animal Crossing Bells our relationship with food, mind and body! Congratulations for starting this trip!! I have been dealing with a few depressive states recently and just added that this Handsome Boy into my island. I had totally forgotten inviting him. He left my day when I saw him lol

I was in a psych ward for severe depression and bulemia. About a month later I came out of the hospital New horizons was published and gave my life some kind of meaning. Animal crossing really be saving lives ngl

The villagers love and support you.

I am glad you're on the path to recovery! If you have twitter, I suggest following she's a MH nurse who talks about her ongoing anorexia retrieval and my buddy said it was actually helpful. I wish you hugs and Cheap Nook Miles Ticket relaxation

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