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Pink Adidas Hat

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ÿþWetherington then drove off to attend to another car stopped a White Adidas Hat short distance away. The trooper has testified that he noticed he didn't have his hat as he approached the second vehicle. He went back to the first scene to look for it, but all he could find were two gold-colored decorative acorns that were somewhat flattened, according to court documents. Troopers' hats have the decorative acorns attached in front of the patrol insignia. In a January 2020 decision, HAT attorneys Michael Phillips and Chris Shaeffer won on appeal in the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia. The appeal relates to an original case by the U.S. District Court of the Middle District of North Carolina, which resulted in summary judgment.

How often have we had to advise a client that he or she should not testify at a suppression hearing as to whether a constitutional right has been violated by the actions of police officer, not because we don't believe our client, but because we know that nearly 100% of the time a judge will make a credibility finding in favor of law enforcement? Why should we expose the client to examination and cross-examination during a motions hearing when Adidas Golf Hat we are nearly certain that the client will not be believed because he or she is the defendant"? When was the last time that you heard a judge conclude, in a contested suppression hearing, that the testimony of the defendant was credible and that the testimony of the police officer was suspect or false?

He observed that "If they do this when they are being taped, what happens Adidas Denim Hat when they are not being taped?" Well, we know. Our clients tell us all the time, yet how often are they believed? Without a videotape, which of our clients would be believed when he or she testifies that they made a request for an attorney and that claimed is denied by the interrogator? We have heard the repeated stories from out clients, many unsophisticated in the ways of the criminal justice system, telling us of their having requests for an attorney being ignored or of searches subsequently falsely characterized by police officers as "consent" searches. We know about the skepticism with which the "system" normally view the complaints of our clients.

It's great when there is a videotape. It settles the dispute. But what about all those times when there is no videotape? Will Black Adidas Hat the courts and prosecutors consider what they have seen and learned in those videotapes as providing possible corroboration and support as to what our clients assert happens in interview rooms during untaped interrogations or will our clients' assertions continue to be routinely discounted as "incredible" or "unbelievable?" It is our job to stand up and remind judges and prosecutors that just because there is no videotape, the defendant may still be the real truth-teller in the courtroom and that it is wrong to fall back into the routine of presumptively believing the police.

Law Day is our time to remember and proclaim that criminal defense lawyers are the "other white hat" in the courtroom. We have to stand up and remind prosecutors and judges and juries, and occasionally ourselves and our colleagues, that we are the force that makes the system work. Without our challenges, cajoling, harassing, repetitive demands and arguments that prosecutors and courts be skeptical and careful and thorough and follow the rules, the system will roll over our clients. There are times when we need to throw sand into the wheels of justice, to slow it down, to remind judges, prosecutors and ourselves that sometimes are clients are innocent, that sometimes they are the ones telling the real truth in the courtroom and that occasionally we should to take the extra time to get it right.

Some of our clients may have forfeited their right to be in society and to be free, but too often par­ticipants in the system throw around years of imprisonment without any real appreciation of what that sentence re-ally means in the life of a human be­ing. Ensuring proportionality in punishment is one of our most critical respon­sibilities. While there are many reasonable federal prosecutors, too many wield a heavy club as they assert their Pink Adidas Hat authority and their power. Good judges who have tried to be fair in their sentencing and in their legal decision-making have often found their discretion restrained by some prosecutors who have a "my way or the highway" attitude. Such prosecutors are the ones most likely to use the draconian sets of rules and statutes given to them to force judges to impose the government's will and to leverage defendants to forfeit their trial rights to avoid the harsh and unyielding sentences that often face those who have the "guts" to Изображение assert their constitutional right to trial and challenge the government.

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