I suggest you focus on Slayer for RuneScape

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I suggest you focus on Slayer for RuneScape

Сообщение wfuuopy » 04 мар 2021, 03:44

What do you guys think? I'd personally get the Ascension(s) but RuneScape gold then again I always pick the greater gear over everything else when inquiries like yours get asked. I'm biased as fk in regards to material this because of the sort of RuneScape player I am. I didn't bother purchasing the highest membership this year because I believed it was useless, but it is wonderful to get the additional daily Treasure Hunter key sure but it's nothing fantastic + everything else is just meh. If they made it so you could select the colour of the celebrity then perhaps, but they did not and I don't particularly like blue stars. Plus I had no intention of using the distinctive worlds the members with premier membership get, I only really use W71 and W33.

Barrows equipment is good, but should you die, the items degrade to 0, and fixing becomes expensive. I would suggest looking into Dragonrider equipment; it is hybrid (meaning you'll be able to use it while training all 3 combat styles) and the whole collection offers a prayer bonus of +46 or so.

In case you really do Fairy Tale part 3 and also The Elder Kiln, you can reach most places in RuneScape in seconds. I'd say complete Shilo Village and go to Duradel. When you hit 75 slayer, head to Kuradal in the Ancient Cavern, and then move to Morvran for your final few levels. As for herbs, I believe RuneScape Wiki has a spreadsheet with all the best herb to currently do. Normally, snapdragons, toadflax and ranarr are safe options.

I suggest you focus on Slayer for now; it's profitable (more so at higher levels( but nevertheless rewarding ) and also you train the majority of your abilities while slaying. Also, I propose obtaining 80 dungeoneering to get a Chaotic. Until then, try to receive 70 attack for a Whip. Lastly, I suggest that you do some quests now. A lot of your abilities are low, and the xp rewards will help you skip a few training. And glad to hear you've got membership!

Barrows is tier 70 tank armor, so it's somewhat on accord with GWD armor. Barrows provides more defensive boosts whereas GWD gives offensive boosts. I'd avoid using barrows for ordinary slayer as it is not likely to be worth the repairs. Dragon rider is really expensive, and you only have 4m to spend. I assume you could stick with the grade 50 mage/melee armors for now (Rune, Batwing) because the tier 60 ones (dragon, infinity) are a bit of a jump in cost. You should be OK with buy RS gold range as dragonhide is cheap (Royal is tier 65, costs maybe 30k for whole set?)

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